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India photo diary 2017. my first trip to India. Adventures in Chandigahr and Udaipur

India Photo Diary

Our trip to India was so much more than we could have imagined. Not only did we get to make new friends, but we got a more real-life version of the cities we visited, as opposed to coming as regular tourists. My biggest takeaway is

Cartier and Tiffany's

Photo Diary, first half of 2015

You know how “lifestyle” and fashion bloggers go to fancy hotels and show all the high-end traveling they do and the extremely well-staged food and accessories photos? Well, this is not that. This is just life, no time to edit. I have been away for

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: All Black Outfit | Vintage clutch, basic high-rise pants, ankle strap sandals

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: All Black

Do you have one of those oversized sweaters that never really fit you very well? Don’t get rid of it, I found a simple trick to fix any big sweater malfunction. I have been cutting sweaters for a while now, making them just a little

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week |

Slow Fashion Photo of the week

Location scouting in San Luis Obispo. Still feel weird about taking photos of myself. In the background, Madonna Mountain and Mikey, who is close to 11 months old now. Jewelry by Canned Goods, the full feature will be posted tomorrow!  Why Slow Fashion? | Vintage white