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Luxury Ethical Fashion

Top 8 Luxury Ethical Fashion Brands

Not all ethical fashion is luxurious; not all luxury is ethical fashion. Here are some high-end labels that have a solid commitment with ethical and sustainable fashion. 8. Amur Amur is a sustainable fashion brand made in New York. Amur dresses are feminine and remind me

Are luxury fashion brands sustainable? | Fashionhedge

Are luxury fashion brands sustainable?

Have you ever wondered if higher price tags mean more resources to care for the environment? It would be not only silly, but short-sighted to bundle all luxury fashion brands in the same handbag. Unlike a recent article on The Guardian titled “Luxury brands: higher standards or

Top new ethical fashion labels

Top 3 Ethical Fashion Labels You Didn’t Know About

These fashion labels do not market themselves as “ethical” and you won’t find them in most ethical fashion brands lists, but they are definitely doing things right, as they give us a high quality product manufactured domestically and made mostly with natural materials. As we

Finding beauty in the remains of war

Turning dreadful memories of war into beauty, that’s the strategy Emi&Eve has adopted to create unique jewelry and handbags that tell a story about overcoming adversity and turning it into something positive. Cassandra Postema is the designer behind Emi&Eve, a brand that turns bullets and

Fashion puppies

There is no doubt puppies can bring happiness to anyone in a matter of seconds. For centuries, humans have relied on pets for companionship and protection, but it seems that our furry friends have also served for inspiration to some of the biggest names the world of fashion.