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The truth about organic cotton | Fashionhedge

The Truth About Organic Cotton

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a fan of organic anything and even when I am in an industry (health and sustainability) that advocates in favor of organic farming, I tend to stay away from ideologies and stick to science. The scientific community

Ethical silk

How Can Silk Be Ethical?

When we first found The Ethical Silk Company, we had no idea there was such a thing as “ethical silk”. Traditionally, the extraction of silk from silkworms involves processes that end the life of the worms; a technique developed in 1991 in India makes it

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An Ethical Fashion Guru

We met Michael Lavergne on Twitter and from the beginning, we knew we had found someone special. Michael has over two decade of experience and has traveled the world in a search for more sustainable manufacturing for several corporations and has top-edge knowledge on supply

Offset Warehouse Ethical and Sustainable Fabrics

Ethical fashion: it all starts with the fabric

When searching for ethical fashion resources and shops, it is easy to find vaguely described and poorly presented products that hope to derive their value from including the words “sustainable”, “fair” or “ethical”. But there are a few gems out there that not only offer