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Renting your clothes?

Maybe you don’t wear that dress anymore, maybe you are a little sick of it or you just need a break. But it’s a good piece, well-crafted and you paid good money for it: you are not ready to let it go, but you feel

Made in America infographic

Top 4 reasons to like Made in America

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the horrifying stories of human rights violations perpetuated by the fashion industry and it’s hard to know where to begin if you want to do something about it. For me, one of the easiest check points when evaluating the

Fashionably ethical in 3 easy steps

“Eww! I’m gonna have to go online and spend a lot of time before deciding what to buy…” Contributing to the ethical fashion mission doesn’t have to be hard or boring. There is not a massive number of hours needed in order to take initiative