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Holiday Randomness

Blah. Just some unedited, untouched photos. Dust on tables, dirty floor, dog door in the background. This is what a an ordinary extraordinary life feels like. No makeup.  

Westward leaning Voyager 10 with Layer Tortoise Matte frame,Faux Ivory side inlays and Super Silver lenses

The Best Ethical Sunglasses

The following are my favorite picks for sunglasses made by special companies. In our search, we found some copycats, some horrible bamboo and some exceptional ideas. This selection is purely based on aesthetics and below, we explain why the companies mentioned can be considered ethical. Disclosures: this

Legally Awesome: Elle Woods hero’s journey

Yes, I am going to talk about Legally Blonde, exposing myself to being criticized and accused guilty of piggy-backing on trivial pop culture sub-topics to generate content, but you know me, I like to offer different perspectives on familiar subjects. Today, I want to explore

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Carrie Bradshaw is the worst female character of all time

Adored by women as a fashion icon, dating guru and, in many ways, an example of success, Carrie Bradshaw is the quintessence of everything that is wrong and embarrassing about women: complete financial incompetence, lack of long-term outlook, weak character and complete lack of perspective. Throughout

Offset Warehouse Ethical and Sustainable Fabrics

Ethical fashion: it all starts with the fabric

When searching for ethical fashion resources and shops, it is easy to find vaguely described and poorly presented products that hope to derive their value from including the words “sustainable”, “fair” or “ethical”. But there are a few gems out there that not only offer