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LOV sustainable organic cotton underwear for women promoting a body positive image

LÖV Yourself

LÖV is unphotoshopped, clean cuteness. The newly launched sustainable underwear European brand  is made without padding or wires, telling us it’s ok to be ourselves. Simple designs and organic fabrics conform a collection so cute that you’ll want to wear it outside. With a nostalgic

Sustainable Fashion Updates September 2015 | Discoveries in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion

Sustainable Fashion Finds September 2015

The sustainable fashion scene still seems to me a very small niche market in the US, an indie infatuation and still struggling greatly to become more mainstream, which I doubt will really happen. Still, the various creative efforts many companies are making are appreciated and,

Saving the planet with your clothes? | Fashionhedge

Are you really saving the planet with your clothes?

I see so many organic cotton t-shirts and fair trade companies that it’s hard not to wonder: Is buying these things really making a difference? I firmly believe that ethical or sustainable fashion is a lot more about personal habits than the qualities of a

Are luxury fashion brands sustainable? | Fashionhedge

Are luxury fashion brands sustainable?

Have you ever wondered if higher price tags mean more resources to care for the environment? It would be not only silly, but short-sighted to bundle all luxury fashion brands in the same handbag. Unlike a recent article on The Guardian titled “Luxury brands: higher standards or

Tips to launch a sustainable fashion business

Tips to launch a sustainable fashion company

I recently wrote about the challenges of sustainable apparel companies and got a lot of feedback from entrepreneurs and independent labels relating to some of those struggles. My efforts were not aimed to discourage fashion startups in anyway, but rather to offer some perspective based

The truth about organic cotton | Fashionhedge

The Truth About Organic Cotton

Let me begin by saying that I’m not a fan of organic anything and even when I am in an industry (health and sustainability) that advocates in favor of organic farming, I tend to stay away from ideologies and stick to science. The scientific community