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Daytripper. Electric West Vintage Graphic Tees. Shop on Etsy

Electric West Graphic Tees

Effortlessly cool and with a tint of Americanism, these graphic tees from Electric West are the college girl’s road trip uniform. They remind me of the movie Death Proof (which had an amazing soundrtack btw), where the girls wore shorts and graphic tees the entire

Vintage thrifted look

A vintage summer goodbye

It is still pretty hot here in Central California and Mikey is ready for cooler weather. In the meantime, vintage shopping remains my main source of unexpected wardrobe joys. I got this Nina Ricci bag at one of my favorite thrift stores in Morro Bay,

Cindy Crawford in Denim Shorts | PEPSI commertial | 1991 |

Vintage 90’s Denim Inspiration

The 90’s were everything if you are among the group of millennials that was fortunate enough to witness most of that decade: Seinfeld, The Spice Girls, grunge and yes, blue jeans. Jeans are still part of many people’s uniform today, but it seems that the

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: 90's denim | Fashionhedge

90’s Denim Paradise

The jeans are Guess (remember when Guess was cool…? And when saying cool was cool?) from one of the local thrift shops and it still had the tag on, after what I imagine could be ten years or more. This thrift store had every shade of vintage

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week |

Slow Fashion Photo of the week

Location scouting in San Luis Obispo. Still feel weird about taking photos of myself. In the background, Madonna Mountain and Mikey, who is close to 11 months old now. Jewelry by Canned Goods, the full feature will be posted tomorrow!  Why Slow Fashion? | Vintage white