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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Cool Mother's Day Gifts | Fashionhedge

Cool Mother’s Day Gifts

Have you noticed that most Mother’s Day gifts are boring?  Moms can be young, cool and conscious too, why are you trying to give them a pepper shaker? Here is a list of products I found for young (or not so young) moms who like

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The worst Spring 2015 fashion trends

Unpractical, transitory or just plain ugly, here are our picks for the worst Spring 2015 trends taken from the major ones found by Google on their fashion trends report. We already know that seasonal trends are just another way to sell us more stuff, but that becomes even

It’s New Balance time, again. by Darcel Disappoints | Fashionhedge

The Weekly Find: New Balance Custom 574

New Balance Custom 574 The first pair of 574s was created in 1988, and today you can create your own version of this classic with a few clicks and at a very reasonable price. New Balance labels shoes as “Made in USA” when 70% or

What Made in USA really means | Fashionhedge

What does Made in USA really mean?

Are you hesitant every time you read “Made in USA” in product labels? Do you trust such claims even knowing that many items we buy regularly are made abroad? We have talked about the virtues of Made in USA in the fashion industry, since we believe domestic