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THEY NW luxury sneakers

Slow Lifestyle Finds August 2016

Here are my most recent discoveries in the world of sustainable living and slow/ethical fashion. THEY New York Simplicity in design + seamless construction = beautiful footwear. Dreamy sneakers with a touch of Japanese architecture. Tala, The World’s Most Beautiful LED Since moving into my mew

Cruelty-free and sustainable bridesmaids clothes

Say Goodbye to Bridesmaids Dresses

  Have you ever had to buy a bridesmaid dress for a wedding? Have you worn it since? Annaborgia believes that buying a dress to wear once is not only wasteful, but unnecessary. “…it’s simply not sustainable nor is it a wise economic investment. With Annaborgia,


Brandy Melville’s One Size Dilemma

I have been confused about some reactions to this brand’s “essence”, yes they use skinny blonde girls as models and they don’t make large sizes, what’s new? Most models are skinny and that is not going to change: even where there is an increasing diversity in the

Cindy Crawford in Denim Shorts | PEPSI commertial | 1991 |

Vintage 90’s Denim Inspiration

The 90’s were everything if you are among the group of millennials that was fortunate enough to witness most of that decade: Seinfeld, The Spice Girls, grunge and yes, blue jeans. Jeans are still part of many people’s uniform today, but it seems that the

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: All Black Outfit | Vintage clutch, basic high-rise pants, ankle strap sandals

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: All Black

Do you have one of those oversized sweaters that never really fit you very well? Don’t get rid of it, I found a simple trick to fix any big sweater malfunction. I have been cutting sweaters for a while now, making them just a little

Slow Fashion Photo of the Week: 90's denim | Fashionhedge

90’s Denim Paradise

The jeans are Guess (remember when Guess was cool…? And when saying cool was cool?) from one of the local thrift shops and it still had the tag on, after what I imagine could be ten years or more. This thrift store had every shade of vintage