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The TESLA Solar Roof

In his latest attempt to save the human race, Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla solar roof, the Tesla equivalent to energy efficiency for houses. In Musk’s perfect future, everyone has an electric car, a power wall and a solar roof, the solar dream team, if you will, or the renewable energy trifecta… the  green machine trio… you get the idea.

The spirit behind the solar roof is not just to create a product that sits well with Telsa’s core consumer, but to build a better roof that is also cheaper and more stylish (as expected, Musk’s plans are never unambitious). The amazing thing is that they did it. Again. They reinvented the concept of solar panels and in a few years, solar panels on top of people’s houses are going to make you go “eww” (like animal print or Johnny Depp, as they went from cool to embarrassing).

The solar roof has everything that a “sustainable” product needs to have if it wants to be successful: versatility, style, functionality and affordability. The fact that there are 4 styles to choose from says it all, just as with each Tesla model, aesthetics is a key element of any innovative product that aims to disrupt a market.

The styles of Tesla glass solar roof you can choose from

The styles of Tesla glass solar roof you can choose from

Another small step for Musk and a big step for people who have cool houses and can afford a new solar roof asap.

“Beautiful, affordable and seamlessly integrated”

I’ll let you know how it goes when I get mine. Goodbye, solar panels!

BTW, is Musk wearing an Evelane cashmere crew? More to come…