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There is an Everlane blazer for every occasion. This is the definitive list to find out which one you should buy (in case you don’t want to buy them all).

Blazers are like talents: you can never have too many. Even as a minimalist, I have to admit that blazers are my weakness when it comes to buying things I don’t really need, but it all depends on your definition of “need”. Every once in a while, typically during or right before the fall, this unstoppable urge to add a couple of blazers to my répertoire takes over and I either suppress it with pumpkin pie or find myself thrifting endlessly for that blazer with the perfect fit that I can never find.

Well, those days are over (except for the eating pumpkin pie part).

Everlane has now a complete blazer collection to fit any blazer crush: fitted, oversized, single-breasted, double-breasted, solid colors and houndstooth. The temptation to get them all to have the perfect piece for every outfit is intense.

Here is a short overview of all the Everlane blazers for your convenience.

Everlane Blazers, A Comprehensive Guide

The Oversized Double-Breasted Blazer

Everlane Double-Breasted Oversized Blazer

Double-Breasted Oversized Blazer in Houndstooth

Oversized is the trendy silhouette right now. I like it because it allows you to eat a giant burrito or enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet without fear of showing an enlarged belly. Just snap the two columns of buttons and it’s back to skinny.

The double-breasted style looks more executive than the single-breasted but it is also the perfect piece to look put together, yet casual, when paired up with jeans and sneakers.

Where to wear?

  • Work, with dress pants and flats
  • Shopping, with jeans and slides
  • Date night, with a mini dress and heeled mules

The Oversized Blazer

everlane oversized blazer in Chocolate Houndstooth Windowpane

Oversized Blazer in Chocolate Houndstooth/Windowpane

This was Everlane’s first oversized blazer and I wonder why they didn’t name it “the oversized single-breasted blazer”, but maybe at the time, they didn’t have the double-breasted version planned.

I can’t stress enough how necessary a good blazer is and how it can transform your look completely. If I had to wear one thing every day for the rest of my existence, it would be a black blazer. It goes with everything, protects your shoulders from excessive air exposure and it makes you look like you are going somewhere important, even if you are not.

Where to wear?

  • Work, all day every day
  • Family events, with your regular family event outfit
  • Home, to feel productive even if you are just hanging

The Italian Classic Blazer

The Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer

The Italian GoWeave Classic Blazer in Navy

You need to get one in navy. You just have to. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Where to wear?

  • Anywhere you want to look more French
  • Church, if you go to church (I don’t)
  • Blazer shopping, because you don’t want to look like you need one, but more like you know your blazer stuff and know what you are looking for

The Cotton-Linen Blazer

Everlane Cotton-Linen Blazer — $145

Cotton-Linen Blazer in White

This is actually another oversized blazer, but this time in linen. In the past year, linen blazers have become a thing and, although the fabric is not my favorite, it is fresher, which should serve us well in the California summer and fire season. A white blazer is one of those things that can make you go from homeless to Jackie Onassis in a heartbeat, so my pick in this style is definitely white. I already have a white blazer, the one I wore in Italy almost every day, but I will throw it away once I get my Everlane one 🙂 (just kidding, I will donate it to Goodwill, I’m not a monster).

Where to wear?

  • Italy
  • The office, with white pants to create an all-white outfit and look more God-like so people will do whatever you say
  • NOT at an event or party where you think the likelihood of spilling red wine on yourself is higher than 30%

The Wool Academy Blazer

Everlane navy wool academy blazer

Everlane Navy Wool Academy Blazer

This style might be on its way out since I found it in the “Choose what you pay” section (a clever rebranding of the “Sale” section that doesn’t hurt your brand.

This is a classic fitted style made of wool to add to your fall uniform. Personally, a thicker fabric like wool is not what I usually go for because I rarely need that much warmth, but if I lived or traveled more often to a colder weather region, you can bet your sweet sweet chariots I would get this one instead of the Italian one in navy. Your choice.

Where to wear?

  • A serious work meeting
  • One of those days when you want to look preppy
  • After wearing only oversized blazers, so you feel skinnier

There you have it, these are all the Everlane blazers. Still not sure which one to buy? I’ll give you two choices: buy zero or buy them all. Life is good.