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The Arrivals

Have you ever thought of a leather jacket as a work of art? If the answer is no, The Arrivals is here to change that. With architectural perfection, attention to detail and unmatched functionality, this outerwear line has all the essentials you’ve always wanted: the perfect lambskin leather jacket, the perfect wool coat and even a couple graphic tees to  complete the look. The Rainier Zero Moto Jacket is a dream come true and I need it: thank you for running all the other leather jackets forever.

The brains behind The Arrivals include an architect, Jeffrey Johnson, and Karl Vepuri, whose combined zero years of experience in fashion was enough to get the new label going.

“…we levied our experience in design and entrepreneurship to architect an unorthodox team of young creatives with the idea that good design and good people make life better”

If you are interested in knowing where the clothes are made: the leather range is manufactured in Turkey and the rest is generally made in NYC. There might be older items that were made in China, but if you have a specific question, they will answer any questions via chat. Here are some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

Rainier Leather Jacket Rainier Leather Jacket ØSTER coat Petra Long Coat ERNÖ ROGUE DUSTER Rainier Zero Moto Jacket - front Rainier Zero Moto Jacket Rainer Zero Moto Jacket in Green The Arrivals UNNORMAL LONG SLEEVE UNNORMAL LONG SLEEVE