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AI and revelations

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the future of automation and human work. Do I have the skills to survive in the era of the machines? I decided that predicting what this highly automated, highly efficient, [potentially] universal basic income kind of future, is impossible and that I can only focus on living the best life I can… but not without learning my fair share of programming and reading as much as I can about the topic.

With a schedule that is already pretty busy (thankfully) and full of new projects, I started thinking about the value of my time: the more time I dedicate to hobbies, like this blog, for example (although I do make some money with it), the less time I’m putting on client work, learning and perfecting a programming language, or filling up Medium and Quora with all my wisdom about whatever it is I think about every day, and therefore, the less prepared I am to be a valuable asset in a post-apocalyptic thermonuclear war (aka, one of the possible shapes the future takes in my head). The one aspect of the future I am more worried about is the prospect of a universal basic income, a concept that Elong Musk and Marc Cuban have stated is not only possible but necessary. While I do worry about these issues, I still have time to shop. I got the net bag (s) of my dreams and grocery shopping will never be the same. After a lot of browsing, I picked this one, which conveniently comes in black and white. Cute.

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P.S: I am going to New Zealand!