Minimalist Fashion Summer Shopping List

Staying home hasn’t been fun. There. I said it.

I want to travel abroad like we do every year, I want to go to parties and summer BBQ’s and eat out with friends and go wine tasting and wear a new cute summer dress.

But it’s not looking like we’ll be able to do those things this summer. We already said goodbye to our Mexico and Costa Rica vacations, and Europe in the Fall is not looking good either. Instead, we’ll keep staying home and wearing masks everywhere. It’s the right thing to do.

Still, I can fantasize about what I would wear IF I was going out and IF life was what it used to e, right? These are my summer must-haves that are practical because you can still use them next year and whenever you go out socially distancing. Minimal, basic and timeless, how I like my fashion (and my social interactions) these days.

I have to include gold rings because jewelry is one of those things that make you feel life is good (even when it’s not). Also, the LOEWE must-have basket bag that you may not find since it’s pretty much sold out everywhere (they have a smaller version too), a sustainably made bikini from Casa Raki and a dreamy linen skirt that I’ve been dreaming about since I saw her.

My Minimalist Shopping List

Summer minimalist shopping guide

LOEWE Basket Bag | Deco Fan Pearl Ring & Bazel Diamond Ring by Au-Rate | Linen Maxi-Skirt by Palmer/Harding  (alternative linen skirts on Etsy)| Black Linen Top by Casa Raki | Sustainably made bikini top & bikini bottom by Casa Raki | No shoes because who needs shoes right now?